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ok here goes. Its been a long time since Ive talked about this but I need to get it out.

Jimmy and I werent together long but when we were together it was great. He was the sweetest guy Id ever met. He would do anything to make me feel like I mattered. After we broke up.. he changed. he stopped caring about everything, started acting bitter, started... being a jackass. we stayed friends for a lil while but then it just stopped. I couldnt handle us not being friends. I tried to make things better but it only made it worse. we got close again after someone we both knew died in a car wreck. Jimmy was a very christian person and he helped me thru it. once again.... our friendship just ended. it hasnt ever been the same. he hates me more than anything. i really dont know what I did to make him hate me but it must have been really bad and horrible. He says he cant stand the person I am but yet he "loved me soooo much."  well anyway... here the point of the story. hes moving to Kentucky and hes bday is the 12th. Im just wondering if I should call him and wish him a happy bday. Hes turning 18.... hell Id like it if anyone and everyone called me on my bday. so do you think I should call him??? I just wanna know what I should do. it prolly wont change anything between us but who knows. Thanks :)



it really felt good to talk about him. Thanks for makin this community!!!!!


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