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I'm neww....

hi, im new. a few basics... My name is Sami, I'm a freshmen. I'm 14. My favorite colors are pink and brown. and i my favorite bands are, fall out boy, taking back sunday, brand new, the f-ups + more.

my boy problems... I like this guy named Kramer, and we have always kinda had a thing, after every huge break up, i would find myself going back to Kramer. but he always hooks up with other girls, he hasnt in a long time, cuz we have been like "together" but we arnt going out. and we've been off and on for almost 3 years, i guess you could say, and we have never done anything, besides kiss. thats not really a huge thing for me, but its kinda werid we both gone kinda far with other people, but for some reason we just never do anything.

i always get so jealous because all the girls love Kramer, because his soo hot. so i just get worried that he'll find someone better, and i dont think i could handle it, if he did find someone better. and all the time people tell me his gunna ask me out, but it never happens, but like thats okay i guess but i just want to be reasured, that he wont i guess like leave me. i just want everything to work out, but i dont know how to make it work.
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