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ok my first time

yeah so this is my first time posting on this.

so here goes.

i've known this guy for all my life basically. he lives in philly and i live in boston. he's the best thing ever. i love him soo much. he's the sweetest guy you can ever find. we've been goin out for the past 4 years. but i've broken up with him like twice. now we're not together...but i still love him. he still calls me. i broke up with him cause of my parents. and i dont know. its really hard having a long distnance relationship. i'm also in a winter percussion at my high school. which takes up all my time. and we hardly get to talk. i'm talkin to him right now. um anyways. i want to move on. but he doesnt. well actually i feel like i'm holding him down and i cant deal with things...without him. but i want a boyfriend....in my percussion. cause..if i dont the relationship wont work.

yeah so i dont know what to do....
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