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hey there

hey what's up.. i'm a newbie.. my name is Tess.. i'm From RI... and i'm 19..

9 days ago my Fiance broke up with me...

we dated for a year 1/2.. were engaged for 7 months... and i've known him since we were born.

he's in the air force and he's coming home for good next week... and he decided that he wants to be single when he's home and be 19... and he wants to hook up with other girls... which hurts..

cuz for the past 6 months while he's been away.. i've done everything for him.. i wrote him a letter everyday... i baked him cookies and brownies and sent them overnite to him... i used my money and my frequent flier miles to send his entire family down to see him for his basic training graduation... i put school and work and my career 2nd for him.. i really did everything for him... and it hurts that he can just push our relationship aside like it meant nothing...

like seriously... you don't tell someone you love them and want to marry them and plan the wedding and start picking out babies names and go pick out places to have your wedding and let her start designing her dress and then be liek well i wanna be 19 and live my life as being single...

naw.. if you have a heart.. .and if you really love someone.. you just can't do that.. at all... you really can't...

i'll write more later.. i just can't right now.... i don't have the strength to write anything more...

Peace out
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