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Is there help from this point?

I genuinely do not know what I am doing from this point. Or from many points before it in time. I was with a girl for about 13/14 months, then I broke up with - we had become more friends than lovers. She seemed understanding at the time and wanted to remain my friend. I saw NO problem at the time, so I agreed. That was Xmas 03/04. She calls me at least once a day and has visited me on a 4 times a year (if not more regularly) basis for a while now. I acknowledged the fact I was using her but she seemed to ignore it. It wasn't until i told her I had a g/f (being male myself) that she made the last ditch effort flight to see me. At AUD$900 for a return flight, booked a week in advance for a 3 day holiday she really pushed her budget. After our conversations (and her "goodbye"-ings) I told her she genuinely needed to see a proffessional. When she got home she did and is now on Zoloft which actually seems to make her slightly less stable. What do I do? I can't bring myself to be rude and change my mobile (cell) phone number, but the continued contact doesn't benefit either of us in reality. I CAN'T move on and she WON'T move on. I have a new g/f and I can't keep it going - I don't know if I feel like dating a boy again or not - and she has turned downed multiple off supposedly... help?
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